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submission of building plans and municipal services applications for Architects, Estate Agents, Developers, Letting Administrators

Submission of building plans
and municipal services applications

Submission of Building Plans & Municipal Services Applications

We will help you improve your service delivery to your client and improve your business. SpecPlan a division of G & C Tekendienste specialises in the submission of building control and municipal services applications. We render a fast and professional service to Architects, Estate Agents, Developers, Letting Administrators as well as to private individuals. 

We specialise in the following applications:

1. Buyer's info:
This service is rendered to all prospected buyers & developers. We will make your decision in investing in property easier and more hassle free by compiling a report on the land use (usage and restrictions), servitudes, sewerage connection position, building restrictions. And make sure that all existing structures on the property has approved building plans. Plus a zoning certificate, S.G diagram, Arial photo (black & white), sewerage slip & building plans (if available).

Prospective buyers make sure you have the approved plans of the property before you sign the contract or you will be liable for all structures on site approved by council and illegal structures.

2. Submission & Approval of plans:
a. The submission and approval of building plans, business plan, shop & office layout plans at Kungwene & Tshwane local municipality;
b. We also do submission to Esthetics committees as well as signing of Inter party comments by neighbors & application for encroachment of building line at the local municipality.

3. Submission & approval of Site Development plans:
The submission and approval of Site Development Plans at Kungwene & Tshwane local municipality.

4. Acquiring of documentation at the local municipality:
Requiring of documentation at Kungweni & Tshwane Local Municipality for building control purposes e.g. zoning certificate, S.G diagram, sewerage slip, Title deed and existing building plans.

5. Cancellation of Services:
The cancellation of services (water & lights) account at the City of Tshwane.

6. Account Enquiry:
We do all rate's & taxes and service account enquiries; we also change all your personal details on your municipal account.

7. Account and Service Application:
Application to open a water & lights account at Tshwane local municipality.

8. Water & Electricity Connections:
Application for service account and water and electricity meters at Tshwane local municipality.

9. Pre-Paid Account:
We apply for pre paid meters to be installed by Tshwane municipality at your premises.

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